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Scheduled flights to Grand Cayman are available on:
Cayman Airways  American Airlines   Continental Airlines
Air Canada British Airways United Airlines
Air Jamaica     Delta Airlines Northwest Airlines    
American Trans Air US Airways    Spirit Airlines

The airport is Owen Roberts International Airport. The airport code is GCM. Located in Georgetown, it is approximately 40 min from the condo. You may also find additional chartered flights from your specific city. Inter-island travel is available on Island Air & Cayman Airways Express

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Car Rental

Receive an additional 15-20% off your car rental.

When you reserve your vacation rental with you will receive an additional 15-20% off your car rental rate. When making your reservation please ask us how.

There are several car rental services in Grand Cayman. Most are conveniently located just outside the Owens International Airport. We have had the best service form Andy's Car Rental.
Additional car rental choices include:


Budget Hertz
Coconut Avis Dollar
Scuba Diving
And for the real reason everyone comes to the Cayman Islands … Scuba Diving!
Here is a list of some of the dive operators in Grand Cayman:
Red Sail Sports Don Fosters Eden Rock
Ocean Frontiers Dive Tech Fish Eye of Cayman
Absolute Divers Quabo Divers Wall to Wall Diving guests receive additional discounts at Red Sail Sports and Ocean Frontiers!
Entry Requirements
Currently all US citizens can enter the Cayman Islands with a valid passport or original birth certificate. Beginning January 1, 2007 all visitors to the Cayman Islands (and every foreign country) must have a valid passport. A birth certificate will no longer be accepted at that point. For more information view the 3rd paragraph at the: Bureau of Consular Affairs.